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Pet Relocation Services

As a loving pet owner, we know that you want the very best for your beloved pet. That’s where we come in. Whether your pet needs to travel by land or air, as Pet Relocation Specialists, our extensive knowledge and experience will help make the experience go smoothly… because you have plenty of other things to worry about.

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No matter your reason, relocating your pet can be a big, daunting task

"I want to tell you and your team a big thank you for the work accomplished for the relocation of my animals. I left you my pets in total trust for post veterinary examinations, and administrative formalities. My dog ​​and my cat were taken care of with care and professionalism by Marla and her team. The trip was done in 2 stages with an overnight stopover in Franckfurt and taken care of on arrival in Dubai by veterinary partner of Marla. My animals stayed overnight at the veterinary clinic (Marla partner in Dubai) and were then dropped off at my home during the day. I was able to find my dog ​​and my cat in perfect health and happy to see me again. Marla was able to communicate with me by whapsapp on all stages of the trip .. departure from the airport with photos, overnight stopover and also when they arrived in Dubai. SO I highly recommend the company Pets global and I thank Marla for her professionalism especially but also for her love for animals."

 - Caroline

"Hello, We are the Austin family. For June 17 of this year, just a few weeks ago, we sent one of our family members with the service provided by Mrs. Marla from Pets go global. He is a 4-year-old German shepherd, his name is Rover, thanks to the service and good work of the team that Marla leads, he arrived home safely from Panama City to the United States, despite the fact that it was a long journey and and we usually worry a lot, we were calm throughout the process because the updates were taking place as the journey go from departure to arrival, with daily updates of photos and videos. We cannot deny that the main concern was that the trip and the dynamics of it caused anxiety in Rover, but thanks to the care and attention that was received throughout the trip by the team of Mrs. Marla, at this moment it seems that for him it was only a walk going home, we really appreciate that and we recommend that you work with Pets go global and its Hotel VIP cannels service."

 - Adam

"Pets Go Global provided a stress free transfer for my pets out of Panama. I was a Peace Corps volunteer who was evacuated due to COVID-19 pandemic. Marla and her personnel always provided me with updates during the transport and assured me that my pets were doing well. Pets Go Global picked up my two dogs and cat in a rural village in Panama. My dogs stayed at the VIP kennel facility and my cat with Marla while waiting to be sent to Miami, FL. Everything from my original contact with Marla to picking up my pets in Miami went smoothly. The company provided daily updates, the pets were checked by a vet, and the price estimate was spot on to the actual cost. The whole time I felt relaxed and knew that my pets were treated with amazing care. Thanks Marla for getting my fur babies back home safe and sound. VIP kennel facility even trained my dogs, which was something I was having trouble with. Overall, fantastic and well priced service."

 - Michael

"My experience with Pets Go Global was great. Marla was very quick and efficient in finding a safe option to transport my cat, Diva, from the interior to Panama City. The driver who picked up Diva sent confirmation pictures along the journey and Marla confirmed her safe arrival. Marla cared for Diva for several weeks, sending pictures of her playing and lounging every so often. She also took her to the vet to get her rabies vaccine. If I ever wanted an update, she did not hesitate to provide one. Marla was also very good about keeping me updated on relevant policy changes going on in Panama that would affect my cat being able to travel. Once the date arrived when transport was possible, Marla did her best to find the most affordable option that would get Diva home safely. Diva arrived safe and sound and I am incredibly grateful to Marla for all her help."


"From pick up to delivery, our yorkie Beckman had the time of his life! Just to see our pet how happy he was when he was picked up by Marla, from Pets Go Global, to the time that he was delivered it is priceless! We were always aware of what he was doing with the pictures that we received so even though we missed him, we knew he was having a wonderful time. The personalized attention that they have at Pets Go Global makes you feel that your pet is taken care by someone in the family and we loved that. Pets Go Global took care of everything from paper work done to pick up Beckman when we were moving out and that is a heaven sent when you are in the chaos of moving to another country! Our dog was taken care of and that is what matters, we highly recommend Pets Go Global.”


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pet relocation is what we do

we ensure that your pet gets from point A to point B safe, healthy, and happy

When it comes time to relocate a pet, many pet owners choose to contact their local vet and/or an airline customer service line. While veterinarians and airlines are amazing at what they do, pet relocation is what we do. Pet relocation rules, requirements, and paperwork are ever-changing. It is our job to stay up-to-date on all requirements and ensure that your pet gets from point A to point B safe, healthy, and happy.

While we can work with your veterinarian to retrieve any necessary blood tests, health certificates, or vaccination records, and we’ll work with the airline to ensure your pet’s travel itinerary is the best for your pet - you need someone in your court who knows the rules inside & out. When it comes to pet relocation, mistakes can be truly devastating. You want someone working for you that has the experience and knowledge to relocate your precious pets properly.

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