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Our pet relocation services include import and export services, land transport, documentation preparation, consultation services, boarding, and more.

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"In 2019, we had a big change in our lives: my wife, 2 year old daughter and 8 year old Golden Retriever needed to move from Panama to Geneva Switzerland. To transport our beloved dog, the choice was really easy and decided right away to use Pets Go Global. Our dog Pisco knows Marla and her team already since our arrival to Panama so our main reason to use Pets Go Global was TRUST. Everything went very smooth and they took care of every little detail from A-Z. Pisco arrived safely and very happy to Switzerland.if we need to move again in a couple of years we will use Pets Go Global again. I fully trust Marla and her dedicated team in taking care of my dog. Your pet will be in good hands."


"Pepita was our Panamanian rescue dog with an extremely happy ending. She was part of our family for a year and a half and we became very attached to her. When we transported her to Tampa Florida to her new family there, making sure she was well cared for on her journey was priority number one for us. Marla and her team at Pets Go Global supported us through the entire process: providing a transport kennel several days ahead so she could become accustomed, assistance with the veterinarian paperwork required for a smooth and seamless entry into the United States and pick up on the Panama side to the airport. Marla and her team are professional, energetic and wonderfully customer and dog oriented. We can’t thank them enough."


"We wholeheartedly recommend VIP Vacation Kennels. Thank you so much for rescuing our beloved pets from PTC when we had an issue with customs when entering Panama. Our 3 dogs and 3 cats were collected from the airport at very short notice (less than an hour) and were treated with the upmost care. Although we have been separated from our pets as we were asked to quarantine unexpectedly, I have zero concerns that they are all happy and well cared for. We've had some lovely videos via WhatsApp and my only concern is that they won't want to leave when we collect them! Thank you again so much."


"My experience with Pets Go Global has been very positive. Marla and the rest of her team were very responsive and helpful, listening to my dog, Claudia, and my needs. Claudia spent about a month at their kennel, and was returned to me happy and healthy. Pets Go Global handled all of the documentation necessary for her to travel, and responded calmly and flexibly to the changes in flights, due to COVID-19. With all of the uncertainty and restrictions around travel, I was able to stay calmer, because I knew that she was in good hands."

- Angel

"Yesterday was one of the happiest days we had since we moved to Dubai, our family is complete now! We are very grateful because you all went the extra mile to make sure Miel journeys was as comfortable and safe as possible, for that we really want to thank you, PetsGoGobal and DKC.

We will definitely recommend your services to friend and family :) Thanks again"