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Depending on your pet type, size, and breed, an airline compliant travel crate will be required for their relocation. Pets Go Global can help you secure the right crate for both your pet and airline requirements.

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How To Measure Your Pet For A Crate

You want to make sure your pet is comfortable during their relocation journey. Choosing a crate that is the right size for your pet is incredibly important.


Stand your pet against a wall.


Place a piece of tape on the wall at the tip of the nose, base (start) of the tail, flat of the head (or tip of the ears if ears are erect), and at the shoulder.


Measure the distances between tape pieces.
A: Measure the length from the nose to the base (start) of the tail)
B: Measure the length of the their front leg
C: Measure the width of your dog
D: Measure the height from the floor to the flat of the head