With pet relocation, every individual situation is unique.

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Details on your pet, your destination, and your timing are required in order to provide you with the most accurate cost estimate

Some relocations are relatively simple but most are not. That’s when you want someone knowledgeable and experienced in pet relocation to help guide the way. Pet Relocation Specialists, like us, know the current requirements of the country of origin and the destination. Veterinarians are amazing at what they do; they keep our pets healthy and happy! But very few are up-to-date with ever-changing country regulations and pet travel requirements. Every country and every airline has their own rules, requirements, and paperwork to fill out. It’s a lot to keep track of, but that’s what we specialize in. It is our business to know these requirements and our duty to make sure your pet’s relocation process runs smoothly and without mistakes as mistakes can be particularly devastating when it comes to your beloved pet. Improperly followed rules or requirements could force your pet into quarantine and may even cause your pet to be shipped back to the country of origin.

Travel timing depends on your pet’s health, the requirements of the destination country, and the requirements of the airline. Preparation for travel can be as little as a week or up to several months.

In-cabin: Your pet must weigh less than 10 kilos, be placed in a travel case, and fit under the airline seat in front of you. Your pet must be able to stand and turn around in the case. This option is not available on all airlines and must be booked directly with your airline.

Excess baggage: Your pet must travel in an airline-compliant crate. Your pet will travel in the hold at the rear of the plane and will be handled by baggage handlers. This option is not available on all airlines and must be booked directly with your airline.

Manifest cargo: Your pet must travel in an airline-compliant crate. Your pet will travel in the hold at the front of the plane and will be handled only by staff trained in the transport of live animals.

No, this is not! In fact, the hold of the plane is the safest place for your pets; it is pressurized, climate controlled, and has ambient light. The conditions are regularly monitored by the pilot throughout the flight.

Our pets are sensitive to our feelings; if we are anxious, they tend to be too. The cabin is noisy, cramped, and busy, and the space allotted for your pet is very small. Traveling in their own size-appropriate crate in the hold allows for a calmer, less stressful travel experience.

There is no one size fits all rate when it comes to pet relocation. The cost depends on many factors: type of travel, size of pet, destination requirements, crate and accessories fees, travel documents, freight charges, import and export requirements, land transport (if applicable), etc. We can always provide an accurate estimate once we know more about your needs. Fill out the quick estimate form here.

Definitely not! The use of tranquilizers can adversely affect pets in the air. There are many homeopathic, or all-natural calming agents, that can be given in the days or weeks leading up to travel. Talk to us about alternatives. Additionally, to alleviate stress, you’ll want to make sure that your pet is properly crate trained before their travel. Once your pet is comfortable in their crate, it makes the journey much more pleasant.

No, it is not recommended that they eat during the flight or 8 hours before their flight. This ensures that they are able to relieve themselves before the flight.

Yes, of course! Our own VIP Vacation Kennels can accommodate pets whether pre or post travel. Oftentimes, boarding is a great way to make sure that we can properly meet very early or late arrival or departure requirements.

In most cases, no. However, for sibling pets under 6 months of age, some airlines may allow your pets to share a crate.

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