Boarding Services

Oftentimes, boarding is required before or after your pet travels to their new destination.

Thankfully, Pets Go Global’s spacious, home like facilities have everything your pet could need to feel right at home.

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VIP Vacation Kennels and VIP Vacation Kitty Kennels

With two locations near Tocumen International Airport in Panama, our boarding facilities are convenient for air travel

Both our locations are spacious for the enjoyment of our guests. Sleeping accomodations are oversized and adorned with a comfortable, pillow topped, size-appropriate pet beds. When not sleeping, your pet will enjoy plenty of hours of playtime with other pets or with staff members, and ‘house time’ where they can cozy up on a comfortable sofa or chair, as if they were in their own home. At our dogs only location there are agility tubes, a splash pool, ball pit, and huge green areas for chasing balls and frisbees. Our cats only location is full of climbing trees, tunnel tubes, scratching pads, tee-pees and tents for hiding!

Don’t worry! It’s important that we respect your wishes, so we will always ask for permission before introducing your pet to any of these ‘extracurricular’ activities.

Each guest that vacations with us will be treated like our very own with lots of attention, love, and respect for their unique personality. Boarding doesn’t need to be stressful, it needs to be fun!!

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