what our clients say

"Our experience with Pets Go Global could not have been better. Marla responded to questions from the beginning and provided us with different options for our dogs. Our situation was fairly difficult, in that we have a bulldog (and a dachshund) that we need to transport from California to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Ultimately—rather than send the dogs via Frankfurt, Germany—we opted to have the dogs driven from California to Miami. (Domestic airlines will not fly bulldogs, for insurance reasons.) Marla made sure to let us know that she was available to deal with any and all of our concerns.

Scott, the driver who took the girls across country, was truly amazing. He treated the dogs like they were his children. Marla had set up a WhatsApp group for the dogs, so we were in constant contact and were given numerous updates on the dogs’ travels. When the dogs reached Florida, it was right in time for Hurricane Dorian. Again, we were assured that the dogs would be safe and sound, and they would hunker down in a safe facility until the hurricane had passed. The dogs then flew to Panama City. From there, another amazing driver, Johanny, drove the dogs at night, in the rain, through the mountains, to get them to Almirante, Panama. A private boat brought them Isla Colon, to the dock right near our house.

Pets Go Global handled all of the paperwork and immigration issues for the dogs—in the U.S. and Panama-- which also made our lives immensely easier, since we were in the middle of moving ourselves to Panama. The dogs were only in crates on the plane and in the boat, which I’m sure made them ecstatic. The dogs were in complete professional care the entire way. Everyone involved made us feel like they were transporting their own animals.

I cannot say enough about how our dogs were handled and cared for. The Pets Go Global team made this such an excellent experience. Thank you all, once again."

- Jay and Denise

"First of all, now that you have found Pet’s Go Global, you need look no further! This is the BEST pet relocation company out there regardless of where you are moving to or from! And, it is most definitely the ONLY pet relocation you will want to use if you are moving to Panama or from Panama! Anywhere in the world, she’s it!

We moved from the States to Panama in August of 2020, during the height of the pandemic. We arrived on the 2nd humanitarian flight and had to leave our puppy behind with my parents in the States. Before meeting Marla here in Panama, we had previously hired another company who assured us everything would run smoothly and we would be able to get our puppy to Panama shortly after we arrived. While I understand that things changed daily with the restrictions, closures etc. I was extremely upset that at this point had no idea when we would be reunited with our pup! Weeks? Months? A Year? The lack of communication with this other company was awful! I called, left messages, e-mailed….nothing. Finally, after arriving and going through the 2 week quarantine I was told that there was no way we could get our girl here until the airports opened up. Oh, and so you know, I had paid a $1500 NON-refundable deposit that I was told that even though they weren’t going to be able to help me in the unforeseeable future that I would not be getting that money back!

Moving forward. I met Marla randomly at my first grocery store visit post quarantine. I don’t even know how it came up, but I needed help finding something and I overheard her speaking English, so I waited to ask her a question. She of course helped me and I found out about her relocation services while walking around the grocery store! HA! Meant to be!! She told me that she has a deluxe ground service pet relocation company that she works with in the States and she could have them pick up my girl, drive her cross country to Florida where she could stay at a nice dog facility until all of her papers were complete. It took a couple of weeks for all of this to happen…. but only because the consulate was closed and it was very difficult to get the paper work done!

When our puppy was delivered she was healthy and so happy to see us!! Marla brought her directly to the house from the airport for us. I have heard horror stories of people shipping off their pets around the world, but if you use Marla at Pet’s Go Global, rest assured, your puppy will arrive safe and sound!! She is meticulous, very well connected all over the world, and really knows her stuff!

I have formed a friendship with Marla and over the past year that we have been here. I have heard stories from her and have even learned more about all the steps and care she takes for each and every pet. She has 7 of her own dogs, 2 birds, 4 cats and 2 horses! She LOVES animals, and it shows! And if price is a concern, she is extremely fair. Less expensive than her competitors and also much better! She is the disruptive competitor in this industry! In this case, you pay less, but get more! Almost unheard of these days!!

Thank you Marla from the bottom of our hearts for your care and the meticulous attention to detail that it took to get our girl safely home to us!"

- kate

"Pets Go Global helped me getting my five dogs from Panama to the Netherlands. They went above and beyond to get things done. Only thing I had to do, was to show up at the vet a couple of times. Best thing ever was their brilliant idea to also give a copy of the (big pile of) paperwork. So when we checked in at Tocumen (Panamá Airport) with 5 dogs, we could see the staff look like: oh my…. And then I handed them the paperwork plus copy of it, and their faces changed from very worried into super happy in a second.

Not only did they all the paperwork, they also helped me mentally… I was VERY concerned about the flight and Marla was very patiently and explained me everything and yes she was right: my dogs were totally relaxed when I collect them
at Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport).

And the sweetest thing… she let me even have a pitstop at her house, as we had driven over two hours to the city, close to the airport, so my dogs could relax a bit before the flight.

I highly recommend everyone to let Pets Go Global help you when flying with your pets!"

- Sophia

"Eliot (Rottweiler) is another member of the family, we are really attached to him, I use to work at home so he is with me almost all the time. He is a spoiled happy dog, we do our best to make him as happy as we can. When we decided to move from Panama to Australia (the other side of the world) it was overwhelming, we weren't concern about how to get there or the immigration process, we were preoccupied about how to send our huge baby to the other side of the world. We started our research and we found a lot of restrictions in Australia... and it seemed impossible to send him there because Panama is not an accepted country by Australia (they can receive pets from a small list of countries only) so we needed to send him to the US first. We started looking for help, most of them told us that it wasn't possible, others could do it but he was going to be treated like cargo. Then we found pets go global in Panama, and they mentioned that it was possible, so we meet Marla and she mentioned that they have a place (VIP vacation kennels) to take care of the dogs meanwhile. We visited the kennel and it's beautiful! they have a big green area, each dog has its own room, they play the whole day with balls, in the pool, with other dogs, etc. They also have a room where the dogs can chill on the sofas and get cuddles.

Marla and her team helped us so much, they did the whole process to get all the documents/tests for his travel, while keeping us posted with each step they made. They took care of Eliot in their kennel for almost 5 months, sending us daily photos, so we could see his big smile every single day. During that period Eliot was happy, healthy and loved. I'm a really attached owner so I was really anxious at the beginning asking a lot of questions, checking his health, but Marla always replied patiently, keeping me on the loop, even if I didn't ask about the details, her team really understands what a dog means to us and they respect that. Eliot travelled to the US and he stayed there for 1 month and a half with Lisa, we didn't get many photos there, but Marla did her best to provide us with photos every time we did a request.

I can't thank Marla and her team enough for helping us reunite with our Eliot on the other side of the world, he arrived 6 months later in Australia healthy and happy as usual. They also provide us with tips for him to do the pet register in Australia. We still keep contact with his former caretakers via Instagram so they can see Eliot too. Our case took 6 months because of Australia restrictions, but it takes way less time for other countries."

- Laura

"Marla, I wanted to express my appreciation for your professional relocation services.

As you know, we were expats living in Central America (Panama) and were given a last minute notice from my Company to relocate home. I was becoming very concerned, do to the fact I had 3 highly trained Belgian Malinois that required professional handling. At the time, I was trying to relocate them home myself and I was running up against many road blocks with airlines that could handle the large crates and these types of dogs... It became a daunting task for me and was beginning to think I would have to leave them behind, I was devastated.

Then I was given the name of Pets Go Global. I contact Marla, she made an appointment to review my situation and determine how to handle these types of dogs. Two days later she called me and let me know that she would be able to get my boys (Peter,Gunner & Eli) home. I was relieved and a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders given everything else I had to contend with.

Different airlines and timing issues required that I had to leave before the boys. Marla reassured me that she had everything under control, she would pick my boys up before I left and take them to her home! I was amazed they would do that! Now came the issue of once they landed they needed to be received at the port in L.A. and get to Arizona from there.

 I was soon contacted by Scott one of Marla’s team members prior to the boys arrival in L.A. He informed me that he would be receiving the boys and would keep me informed from this point. And that he did, even with text pictures! (LOL)... I was kept informed of every step, when they arrived how it’s was going with customs when he was on the road when they took bathroom breaks and exercised... do to the fact it was and 8 hour trip by car (there were no planes that could take the large crates to Tucson).. anyway they arrived happy and excited and they loved Scott!!! (that was unbelievable because they don’t like anyone). I know this was a long story, but I wanted to tell it so you may share this with potential clients. This was no easy task and you and your team executed this flawlessly. Pets Go Global took great care of my boys and I’m and extremely grateful! Thank you for your awesome service and I would highly recommend Pets Go Global."

- Dave

"I used to live in Panama and found VIP through an internet search, i went to visit Marla and her team and I really liked the kennels, the dogs were running around and were outside for the majority of the day, the staff were great and the facilities/activities for the dogs were well thought out. I used VIP every time I went away and I never had a bad experience - what was really reassuring was that whenever Marla came to pick up my dogs (Rufus and Sancho) they couldn’t wait to get into the car.

I decided to use Pets Go Global to move Rufus and Sancho due to the good experience I had always had with Marla. The quote I got was more competitive than another company in Panama and Marla also ensured that the dogs could go direct, rather than having to change flights which the other company had said I had to do, which would have made the journey a lot longer. The whole experience was stress free, and I felt reassured that the dogs would be well looked after during the journey. I was in Argentina for about a month before the dogs travelled from Panama (they stayed with Marla for that time) and Marla sorted out all the necessary vet documents etc and prepared the kennels for travel. Both dogs arrived clean and happy.

I would definitely recommend Marla/Pets Go Global. Marla and her team are very professional, they know the pet relocation procedure inside out and care about the well being of the dogs which was really important for me."

- nicky